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The high rate radiation therapist salary is something that a lot of people are now shooting for but are not aware on how they can earn this high annual average. An radiation therapist is the medical worker that is responsible for taking images of the internal organs of the body using high frequency sound waves just the same way that bats, submarines, and whales use sound waves to get an image of their surroundings. The average radiation therapist salary is at an annual median of $65,000. This is for those medical radiation therapists that have achieved the four year Bachelor's Degree in Radiation.

For those who have achieved less than the regular four year course such as a short term certificate degree or an Associate's Degree will be able to get an average hourly wage of $14 to $18 per hour. This means that the average annual salary of this entry level technician will be around $35,000 to $52,000 per year. The median salary can be attained even with only a year of experience in the job. Going above this is the high radiation therapist salary that a graduate has with a Master's Degree. This goes from $65,000 to around $90,000 per year. With a Bachelor's Degree or a Master's Degree these radiation therapists can take a specialty in their career. Instead of simply being an radiation therapist that simply operates the radiation equipment while being supervised by the surgeon or general doctor, they will become a high radiation therapist that takes images of a particular area. Good examples are those that take images for pregnant women. They do not take radiation images for any other part of the body but the womb of the woman and they have the extensive knowledge to interpret the images to the patient. Typically a specialist radiation therapist will have more knowledge about the particular area that they cover and have a much higher salary than those with no specialization. Their specialization puts them above the rest of the radiation therapists and this is what a lot of people are shooting for.

To qualify for these courses a person has to have at least a high school diploma or the GED equivalent. This is a medical career therefore it is most likely that the school or the hospital where the student will later work in will require all applicants to have a clean criminal background. This means that having a felony within the recent years will prohibit them from taking this career. This is for the safety of the patients and the reputation of the health care center. A misdemeanor may be waived off if the applicant provides the proper documents to cover this. It is not required to have passed a state examination since there is no board examination or certification for this career but you will have a higher chance of earning the median radiation therapist salary if you pass the ARDMS or American Radiological for Diagnostic Medical Radiation therapist certification.